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The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/15/12

Who will C.M. Punk choose to wrestler at Hell In A Cell? John Cena, Ryback or the fan he took out on Monday? Read on to find out.

How Many Other Things Has Big Show Done In 45 Seconds?
RAW started with the Big Show. He said the debate was an attempt to make him look foolish. Big Show said that Sheamus is trying to make him fear the Brogue Kick. But he doesn't, and they showed the replay of him blocking it last week. Show said Sheamus had the look of someone in over his head. Show then replayed the test from Smackdown. He said he is going to KO Sheamus at Hell In A Cell and become the longest reigning World Champion. Big Show said he will make people forget about his last Title reign of 45 seconds. He demanded Daniel Bryan come out. They showed Bryan backstage. He said he didn't know. A.J. came into the picture and said Big Show had a good idea and told him to get out there. He asked Kane if he had his back and he laughed.

Bryan came out for the match. Show hit a couple of slaps on Bryan and then tossed Bryan over the ropes into commercial. Back from break Show locked in a bear hug. Bryan got out and came back with a drop kick to the knee of Show. He went to work with kicks to the chest and then one to the head. Bryan hit two drop kicks on Show in the corner, but Show caught him diving off the top rope and hit a chokeslam for the win. Kane came out and was laughing at Bryan on the way to the ring, but then stopped Big Show from hitting the KO Punch on Bryan.

Segment Analysis: I'm not the biggest fan of Bryan losing that clean at the hands of Big Show. The match barely amounted to anything. Big Show can cut a good promo, but it is always his matches that drag him down. It is just that whenever Big Show is in the main event, he has to squash younger guys with potential on the way there. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Punk vs Sun Glasses Guy: Smell The PPV Buys
In the ring was Paul Heyman to introduce C.M. Punk. Punk came out and says last week someone dis-respected him and he proved them wrong. Punk said that he didn't care who it was. If you dis-respect him he will put you down. Punk said it was pathetic that Vince tried to make the show about Vince. Punk said he victimized Vince so much that he will never compete in the ring again. Punk said it took two superstars to stop him. Punk then brought up the Hell In A Cell poster which portrays him as the devil. Punk said compared to everyone there he is an angel. Punk said Ryback is the devil he doesn't know, who has no business to be where he is. Then there is the devil he does know, John Cena, whose soul he's broken.

Punk was going to reveal the picture of who he would face. Punk demanded respect and decorum from the fans. Punk said he needed more time since everyone refused to show him respect. Vince McMahon came out and said Punk blew his chance and later tonight, Vince will choose his opponent at a contract signing. Vince said his future is in his hands and to respect that.

Segment Analysis: I lost count of all the subtle references of Punk hitting a fan in that promo. Punk was good as always in the promo. They did a good job of once again wanting to keep fans tuned in to see what happens later tonight. I'm smelling a Triple Threat. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Alberto Del Rio vs Brodus Clay. No entrances. Del Rio worked over Clay's arm until Clay took him down with a headbutt. Clay missed the splash in the corner and ADR hit a kick to the back of the head. Del Rio applied the cross armbreaker for the win.

Backstage Punk said he wanted to fight Vince again, and if he wanted to pick Punk's opponent, he would have to beat him. He told Heyman to go tell Vince.

Back from break the Prime Time Players and Zack Ryder and Santino were fighting. Santino made the hot tag to Ryder. He hit a missile drop kick and a Broski Boot on Titus O'Neil. Darren Young broke up the pin and hit his finisher on Santino. Ryder took out Young but then O'Neil hit his sit down power bomb on Ryder to pick up the win. Too short to mean anything. After the match, The Band came out and took out Santino and Zack Ryder. Jinder Mahal just seems so out of place.

Ryback Does Not Care About Your Harvard Law Degree
Dolph Ziggler came out and complained about Ryback getting a WWE Title Match. He said Ryback is a flash in the pan and will be forgotten in two months. Ziggler said he deserves a WWE Title Match and then would cash in his MITB contract to become the WWE and World Champion. David Otunga came out and talked about how it is time for him to get a WWE Championship Match. A.J. came out and said she was going to give both men the chance to prove themselves. Dolph drop kicked Ryback but Ryback came right back with a clothesline. Dolph tagged in Otunga. Dolph bailed and Ryback hit Shell Shocked on Otunga for the win.

Segment Analysis: At least Ryback didn't squash and pin Dolph Ziggler. Typical Ryback performance. Still need to see him wrestle a longer match. Survey Says: 2/5

Paul Heyman tried to talk Vince into fighting Punk again. Vince agreed, but said that the match would be with Heyman and not Punk. Heyman said no and Vince told him to get lost.

Backstage, Matt Striker asked A.J. for an apology from Bryan and Kane for attacking him last week. She said he would get an apology, after his match with Kane.

Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel. Cesaro dropped Gabriel on the turnbuckle and hit a knee to the gut. Cesaro applied a bear hug which Gabriel fought out of. Gabriel hit a 450 splash but Cesaro rolled to the ropes, allowing him to put his foot on the ropes at two. Cesaro caught Gabriel with an uppercut off the ropes and hit the Neutralizer for the win. Decent short match. I'm liking Cesaro's work so far. Would like to see him get a longer program down the line.

Matt Striker tried talking his way out of his match with Kane. He said no one wants to see mindless carnage. The two hugged, but Kane wouldn't let go and then hit a chokeslam on Striker to pick up the win. Afterwards Kane mock interviewed Striker.

Miz Calling Someone A B-Star? HAHAHA
Miz came out for MizTV and welcomed Kofi Kingston to the ring. They replayed Kofi taking out Miz on the Main Event. Miz said he would carry Kofi just like everyone else has. Kofi said Miz looks like he was the one being carried. Miz went over Kofi's career, telling him he's accomplished nothing his entire career. Miz called Kofi a B-Player and that he should be thankful that Miz is giving him the opportunity to wrestle him. Kofi said he is right. Maybe he needs some more memorable moments to add to his career, like beating him for the IC Title on the Main Event. Kofi said maybe he would step up his game tonight in a match against Miz. Miz said he doesn't back down to a challenge and he is on. Miz said Kofi will do what he always does and choke. Miz said Kofi is peaked and that he is the Superstar and Kofi is the novelty act. Miz said all Kofi is is the guy who says "Boom, Boom, Boom." Kofi attacked Miz as Miz bailed.

Segment Analysis: As much as my headline makes fun of Miz, I liked this promo here. Maybe it means a new and determined Kofi? I always thought Kofi had the potential to be a main eventer, even if it was a short term one. I don't get having a match before their match Wednesday, but I liked that promo exchange. Good to see the mid card get some TV time. Survey Says: 3/5

Why Can't Wade Barrett Just Take Big Show's Place At Hell In A Cell?
Sheamus vs Barrett again. Both men took turns working over the arm. Sheamus took out Barrett with a clothesline. He went for his corner punches but Barrett fought out. Barrett hit a pump handle slam for two then applied a headlock. Barrett threw Sheamus into the corner but he came back with a clothesline and rolling Senton. Sheamus took Barrett out with a shoulder tackle on the outside. Big Show came out to watch from the ramp. The two brawled outside the ring. Barrett went to kick the steps into Sheamus but Sheamus was ready. Sheamus hit a high knee but Barrett came back with a kick knocking Sheamus off the apron. Barrett worked over Sheamus with knees and punches in the ropes. Barrett applied a chinlock in the ring. Sheamus fought out with some axe handles and a high knee. Sheamus connected on his rope punches. Sheamus missed on a charge in the corner and Barrett hit a clothesline and elbow for two. Barrett went for Wasteland, but Sheamus fought out. Barrett ducked a Brogue Kick and connected with a black hole slam for two. Sheamus countered Barrett and applied a Cloverleaf. Big Show came to the ring and Sheamus broke the hold. Sheamus went for White Noise but Barrett fought out. Sheamus went to the ropes and Big Show pulled the ropes down, causing a DQ. Sheamus came back with a Brogue Kick to Barrett and a clothesline over the ropes on Show.

Match Analysis: Another great match between these two. The ending was dumb but it was needed because I think it is clear they have plans for an actual feud between these two down the line. Great action in the ring. Survey Says: 4/5

Backstage John Cena told Vince that he would be ready for Hell In A Cell.

Eve defeated Layla even though Layla's foot was on the ropes.

Backstage Daniel Bryan told Kane that if he found what happened to him so funny, then he should face Big Show next week.

Ryback told Vince to FEED HIM PUNK.

No finals to the tag tournament because Rey Mysterio has the flu. Instead it's Rhodes Scholars vs Primo and Epico. Primo and Epico had control until Damien Sandow distracted Primo. Sandow applied a headlock. The heels isolated Primo. Primo finally made the tag to Epico, but Sandow eventually hit his finisher on Epico for the win. Methodical tag match.

Kofi defeated Miz with a pretty good looking Trouble in Paradise.

How Did The Table Survive?
Vince came out for the contract signing, followed by Ryback and John Cena. Vince said he knew Punk wouldn't have the grapefruits to make his own decision. Punk told him to shut up. Punk said Vince has gone off the deep end. Punk signed the contract and told him to choose because he will just break whoever he faces. Cena said enough. He said Punk has been Champ for 330 days and he respects that achievement. But he said Punk needs to shut the hell up. Cena said he would love to face Punk at Hell In A Cell, but then he looks at Ryback and says he sees a man of intensity. Cena said for the next two weeks, he will look around and hear those 3 ominous words: Feed Me More. Cena started the chant and Ryback signed the contract. Ryback slammed Punk's head on the table and hit Shell Shocked on Punk.

Segment Analysis: Cena must really not be ready to go at Hell In A Cell. The WWE is taking a huge risk here letting Ryback main event a PPV. And it wouldn't even surprise me to see Ryback walk out WWE Champ. I wouldn't agree with it, but Ryback has that look Vince loves. It'll be an interesting couple of weeks leading up to Hell In A Cell. At least it isn't Cena again, even though it would be a better match. Survey Says: 3/5

I thought this was an okay RAW. There was one very good match between Barrett and Sheamus. I liked the promo exchange between Miz and Kofi. I blindly hope that it leads to something for Kofi down the road, but I doubt that happens. Wishful thinking. Not much more to say about C.M. Punk. He continues to deliver every week. As I said in my piece earlier, the WWE needs to decide how much they trust Ryback. They trust him enough to main event a PPV. The Cell will distract from his limitations, but it is still a big risk from the WWE. I'm interested to see how they build up the program in the next couple weeks. It can't be any worse than the Big Show/Sheamus build. I'm giving the show a 6.

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