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Where to Go With Ryback vs C.M. Punk at Hell In A Cell

So the WWE decided to pull the trigger. With John Cena apparently unable to go at Hell In A Cell, Ryback has been put in the main event of a WWE PPV. His huge push will continue and he will face C.M. Punk at Hell In A Cell. There are varying thoughts about this. To me, I'm open to it. We complain about the main event scene being the same all of the time. Having Ryback in the main event is definitely something different. Is he the best worker in the WWE? No. But he's over enough with the WWE audience that the match should at least have some heat to it.

But the WWE has also booked themselves into a corner with this match. The Rock is getting a WWE Title Match at the Royal Rumble. And I can tell you one thing for certain: The Rock is not facing Ryback. I don't care how over he gets. Rock didn't come back to face Ryback. I would say that it looks like we are going to get C.M. Punk/Rock at the Royal Rumble, no matter how much I am against that happening at that PPV. But how does the WWE go about booking this match, knowing where they want to go in the future. You have those plans in mind, but you also have the undefeated streak of Ryback to deal with.

Needless to say, the WWE has a tough decision to make. Lets take a look at some possible outcomes and the ramifications of each.

1. C.M. Punk Defeats Ryback Clean
I would say this is the least likely scenario out of everything I will present. Ryback is much bigger and in the eyes of the WWE has the looks of the main eventer. In the WWE's eyes, there is no way Punk could ever beat Ryback clean. It would effectively squash Ryback's push and kill any momentum he had.

2. Ryback Defeats C.M. Punk Clean
Yes, it is Hell In A Cell. It is tough to come up wit ha non-clean finish due to the rules. I would say this possibility is more likely than the first one. It could always be punishment for Punk's incident involving the fan. Ryback has some strong momentum going for him right now and why not top it off with Ryback winning the WWE Title? Well, for one, Ryback is not Goldberg. I could trust Goldberg to go out there and have a decent 15 minute match with whoever is put out there with him. I'm not at that point with Ryback. Hell, the guy has yet to cut any type of promo. If you are going to be WWE Champion, no matter how over you are, you have to be able to speak or have someone speak for you. You would have two PPVs to get the Title off of Ryback. But I don't like ending C.M. Punk's reign so abruptly to someone that you still don't really know can handle his own at the top. If the WWE decides to go this route, then they need to have the utmost faith in Ryback to be able to keep viewers interested for another month before the next PPV.

3. John Cena Gets Added to the Match Late
The WWE loves to change plans at the last second. They could panic and think Ryback just isn't fully ready for this one-on-one match. John Cena could magically get healthy enough and be able to wrestle at Hell In A Cell. The odds are slim, but you never know. Add to the fact that Cena wouldn't have to do too much in the match itself. But I think at this point, adding Cena to the match would actually be a negative. It would basically show that the WWE would have no faith in Ryback. How could you trust him to do anything in the future if Cena is added to the match last minute.

While I wouldn't bank on John Cena being added to the match itself, I wouldn't necessarily count him out of being part of the match. Guest referee? Perhaps. Cena will be at Hell In A Cell. I guarantee you he will get involved in the match somehow. Maybe Punk tries to escape and Cena chases him back in the Cell. Cena will get involved at some point.

4. C.M. Punk Wins Due to Brock Lesnar Interference
This has been the most talked about scenario, at least on the Internet. You have C.M. Punk associated with Paul Heyman. Heyman's original client was Brock Lesnar. Lesnar has not been seen since the RAW after SummerSlam due to his limited appearance date. But if the WWE wants to protect Ryback, keep the WWE Title on Punk and setup a match for the next PPV, then this would be the way to do it. We all know that the Cell doesn't always keep people out. There could very easily be a point in the match where Ryback spears Punk right through the Cell. That allows Lesnar to come in when Punk is about to get beat and save Punk. Then at Survivor Series you could do a couple of things. You could have Punk/Lesnar vs Cena/Ryback. You could expand that into a 5-on-5 elimination match and not have to have Lesnar appear on every RAW in the build up. Lesnar/Ryback is an interesting idea. But you are not going to do that at Wrestlemania.

I know the WWE is picky about using Lesnar's dates. But they can also re-negotiate more dates in it. And they also really won't need Lesnar around in December and January with The Rock coming back for his WWE Title Match at the Rumble. Hell, if you are really going to do Lesnar/HHH again at Wrestlemania, why not just keep him off TV until February. We all know how bad the build for that match was last time, and that was stretched over two months of TV. So why not bring Lesnar back for a match at Survivor Series? What else do they have planned that could be better.

There are a lot of options out there, and if anything, the one thing this match does is keep people asking questions. No one really knows where the WWE goes with the finish of this match. That could be good enough to get a few extra people to buy this PPV.

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